Mill City Productions is a non-profit, community-based, multigenerational collaborative focused on creating an outlet for expression and education for theatrical veterans and novices alike. Our goal is to create a theatrical troupe to serve the community of North Berkshire County, Massachusetts, with theatre that is both entertaining and accessible to those with limited live theatre resources, and educational for both individuals and organizations, such as schools, as to the methods and means of theatre production.
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Happy Thanksgiving from

everyone at Mill City! 

We are thankful for everyone who

came to see Crimes of the Heart!
Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? 

During the holiday season, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about a day for giving back? 

Mill City is excited to participate in the new movement of donating to non-profits on

Tuesday, December 2nd


When making your end of the year donations, please consider Mill City Productions.
All donations are tax-deductible and we will send you an official letter with our tax ID number. 

You might be asking yourself,

"What will my donation go towards?"

Putting on a production is more expensive than you might think!

For example, did you know Mill City (and all theater companies) have to pay royalties just to get permission to produce a play or musical? The costs vary depending on the play and the company who handles the rights, but to give you an idea, our recent production of Crimes of the Heart cost $600 for the royalties, and royalties for musicals are even more, often in the $1,000- $1,200 range

Then add in expenses for lumber, other set building materials, paint, props, costumes, posters, programs, and so on and it really adds up! 

All donations made to Mill City go towards upcoming productions or things to improve the experience for the audience such as lighting and sound equipment. 

To make a donation, please visit our website,
and click on the "Make a Donation" button.

We thank you in advance for considering us during this season of giving.
Exciting 2015 season announcements coming soon!